The pre-production Nissan Magnite has already started

08-авг, 15;43 admin 1377
In mid-July, the Nissan Magnite, the long-awaited crossover from Nissan, went into pre-production. The vehicle is aimed at Asian markets, although it is planned to be sold in Europe and the US starting next year. The car is stuffed with new electronics and looks quite modern.
The Nissan Magnite will be a compact crossover with a length of less than four meters, which is subject to tax incentives in many countries. The model itself is based on the CMF-A platform and will be supplied with petrol and diesel engines with 106 and 110 hp. respectively. Such modest figures are quite consistent with the car's economy, which is at the forefront.

The new Nissan Magnite will compete mainly with Indian and Chinese crossovers of a similar class. The main competitors have similar technical characteristics and completely share the price segment with the new Nissan model.
There will be two main Magnets. The exact characteristics of these configurations are still unknown. It is expected that the first details will be published by the edition, which reviews new items in the Indian car market.