Nissan Rogue will be smaller in the new generation

08-авг, 15;46 admin 1339
The Nissan Rogue will be one of the first vehicles scheduled for renewal by Nissan's management. The new model is called the X-Trail and is a five-door crossover with a significantly redesigned exterior and interior. In general, visually, the new Nissan Rogue has almost nothing to do with its predecessor.
First of all, the dimensions of the body decreased, while the wheelbase remained the same. The CMF-C / D platform has undergone significant improvements, but the suspension system with McPherson struts is similar to the company's previous run-in models.

So far, only one engine configuration is known for the updated Nissan Rogue, which will be a four-cylinder 2.5-liter unit. This petrol "monster" is capable of delivering 184 horsepower at 245 Nm of torque. Of course, I would like to have more agility, but the motor installed in the Altima sedan is simply not capable of more. A wedge-chain variator and a front-wheel drive saves the situation somewhat, which can be expanded to full for an additional fee.
The car will be equipped with the obligatory Nissan Safety Shield 360 system, which is included in the layout of all new models of the company.