The premiere of the serial coupe Nissan GT-R 50 took place in Italy

08-авг, 15;49 admin 1360
The famous Italdesign studio has rolled out on the Tazio Nuvolari track in Italy a new prototype of the Nissan GT-R50 sports coupe, which is currently undergoing driving tests in the autotrack mode. Despite the pandemic, the launch of the car will take place as planned, and the series will include all the planned 50 vehicles available for purchase for 990 thousand euros.
The basis of this model, the Italdesign developers took the GT-R Nismo sports car, which was equipped with a V6 3.8 VR38DETT engine, capable of producing 720 hp. and 780Nm of torque. In a coupe with this handsome man, a six-speed robotic gearbox works, capable of transmitting torque to both axles, which makes the car all-wheel drive.

The suspension with installed Bilstein DampTronic shock absorbers perfectly fulfills the unevenness of the track, and the powerful braking system with Brembo calipers allows you to effectively stop the car even at maximum speeds.
CEO Jörg Astalos congratulated the team on the implementation of the next project and expressed confidence that this model will quickly find its customers, some of whom are already waiting for deliveries, having made a preliminary order last year.