Nissan Skyline luxury sedan inspired a couple of concepts at the Tokyo show

19-авг, 14;15 admin 1420
The Tokyo Auto Salon has delighted all fans of aggressive sports cars and modern technology with two excellent concepts, assembled on the basis of the luxury sedan Nissan Skyline. Unlike Tokyo Motor Show, this exhibition is a kind of analogue of the SEMA tuning show, and pleases fans of auto modifications with unique developments!
Nissan has taken up a huge booth in the heart of the event, where the focus is on two stunning Nissan Skyline concepts. The four-door sedan in the sports coupe is represented by the Skyline Deluxe Advanced Concept and Skyline 400R Sprint Concept. The latest model relies heavily on sports features, while the Deluxe version is focused on luxury and exclusivity.

In addition to the main novelties, guests will also be shown the legendary GT-R50 by Italdesign and GT-R Nismo, the updated Note e-Power Nismo hatchback and the impressive electric Leaf Nismo, which has already shown its best side on the race track.
If we talk about Nissan Skyline and its modifications, then sales will start in early fall 2020 (approximately in September-October). The price in Japan will be about 4.5 million yen.