Nissan's crossover lineup to be updated for the European market

19-авг, 14;16 admin 1361
Sales of crossovers from Nissan dropped by 24%, as a result of which the concern decided to update the entire line. 334,505 cars sold in the last 10 months caused natural dissatisfaction among the Nissan management, when competitors with might and main gains momentum and crush the old world market.
As the respected resource Automotive News Europe understands, it is possible to recover from stagnation only by changing the company's policy and updating the entire line of crossovers. Fortunately, the updated Nissan Juke is already ready for mass production. Next in line is a new generation of Nissan X-Trail (called the Rogue). Finally, in September 2020, I will present to the public a completely new "third" Nissan Qashqai, stuffed with modern technology and tempting features.

However, the favorite and unambiguous flagship of the entire segment will, of course, be the Nissan Ariya - the company's first all-electric crossover, which largely absorbed the best features of the Leaf. The estimated cost of this car will be 50-70 thousand euros, and mass production will begin at the end of this - beginning of next year.
The production of these vehicles is planned on British lines, where everything is already equipped and ready to start work.