Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi decided to divide the world into three

19-авг, 14;20 admin 1406
Three large automakers, part of a single alliance, decided to divide the world market among themselves. So, the other day a board of directors was held, during which Nissan gained access to the Chinese market, Renault to Europe, and Mitsubishi to Southeast Asia.
It is not yet clear how this event will turn out, but many experts are very wary of this decision of the giants. More details for analytics will become available after all companies publish their mid-term market plans.

Reputable agency Bloomberg believes Nissan will get North America as well. Russia in this case will get Renault, although the head office of Renault in Moscow declined to comment on this.
The development of new technologies will also be modernized. So all power units, platforms and other unified units will be transferred from the leading company to the followers to ensure sustainable development. That is, one of the companies will be engaged in development in a certain industry, and the other in another. In this case, all the resulting technologies will become the common property of the alliance engineers. All these innovations will become a significant driver of growth and development.