Test Drive of the trendy Nissan Juke Nismo

30-авг, 14;12 admin 1405
The Nissan Juke Nismo is not just another new car, but a milestone in the history of Nissan Motorsports (Nismo). This bernd specializes in sports cars and is widely known both at home in Japan and in the United States. Moreover, it is Americans and Europeans who are the main consumers of new products from Nismo. Well, let's see what the new Nissan Juke has prepared for us.
Firstly, the Juke is not Nissan's brainchild, but its adoptive model, which they have significantly pumped. For example, they completely re-tuned the suspension, added softer shock absorbers and springs, and also worked on the overall rigidity and reliability of the structure.

In addition, the steering has been significantly improved, which now functions with an electric booster, which in no way affected the information content of the control in dynamics. However, the steering wheel settings depend on the vehicle configuration, so a correction should be made at this point.
The car has a six-speed gearbox. The mechanics provide excellent response and interesting emotions during acceleration. The gears turn on smoothly, but clearly. The 1.6 DIG-T turbo engine built under the hood in Sport mode delivers significant power, and at speeds above 140 km / h it opens up to 100 percent!http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/