Test Drive Nissan Micra for connoisseurs of compact cars

30-авг, 14;16 admin 1405
Having seen this "toy" car for the first time, and even in such a spicy color, a smile involuntarily arises. Rounded shapes, small dimensions and strange headlights do not fit in any way with the image of a status car. However, this is not required from the Nissan Micra, because it is entirely designed for economical delivery of the driver and passengers in urban environments.
We review the Nissan Micra after restyling, which added a little appeal to the body. In particular, the front bumper has been changed, and the headlights have got fog lights and transparent repeaters of turn signals.

A couple of hours driving this "kid" and you completely forget that you are driving around the city in such an unremarkable car. The behavior on the road is very responsive, and the interior is comfortable as in "adult cars". Oddly enough, the seating position is very comfortable, which cannot be said for many full-fledged sedans and even crossovers.
In the cabin, we are greeted by a good audio system with a changer for as many as 6 CDs and an automatic increase in volume when accelerating. By the way, the noise isolation in the Nissan Micra is made at a level and no extraneous noise occurs even at high speed. However, this car is intended for moderate driving in the metropolis, so you will hardly have to drive it.http://fiatforum.lv/http://fiatforum.lv/