Nissan NV300 and NV400 models have been modified for the European market

30-авг, 14;21 admin 1434
Nissan's management announced the renewal of the line of vans Nissan NV300 and NV400, which are "clones" of Renault Trafic and Renault Master, respectively. Cars have been produced since 2016 and 2010, and have already taken leading positions in the market in their niches. However, now, they will be significantly modified and refined.
The most important part of the new vans will be an engine that fully complies with Euro 6d-TEMP standards. So, the NV300 will be equipped with diesel units with a capacity of 145 to 170 hp. Older models had a top-end 120 hp engine. The new engines will be delivered in a coupe with a transmission, which can be either mechanical or robotic, based on DCT technology. Previously, only "mechanics" were available.

The volume of the new powertrains is still a mystery. However, older engines are expected to produce between 120 and 170 hp. and 320-380 N • m of torque. Their volume, according to the assumptions of many auto experts, will be about two liters. At the same time, the NV400 model retained its old time-proven 2.3-liter diesel engine.
The new equipment allows you to choose more options at the time of purchase. This will certainly affect the customer base and win new customers.