The unmanned Nissan Leaf has been tested in Britain

19-авг, 14;22 admin 1380
HumanDrive announced the successful completion of the test phase of a Nissan Leaf electric vehicle. The model of the previous generation was taken as a basis. The hatchback was tested in Britain, where it covered 370 kilometers from Cranfield to Sunderland in autopilot mode.
This route became the longest test in British test history and required months of preparation. In the course of the preparatory work, our own unique autopilot system was developed, which is now used in all Grand Drive tests.

In addition to the range test itself, one of the goals of Grand Drive was the goal of training the neural network and improving artificial intelligence. Specialists from Hitachi Europe actively helped in this task. The basic setup was performed on a closed track, where the AI was taught to smoothly enter turns, identify obstacles and predict the trajectory of movement based on past "experience".
This series of experiments helped significantly improve road safety and provide comfortable autonomous driving in real traffic conditions. It is worth noting that the latest generation of Leaf is equipped with the ProPILOT autopilot system, which largely uses the developments of British engineers.